Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

Rally With Me

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It is 6:00 AM Eastern Time
Dawn is breaking
It is silent
I am alone

Coffee is brewing in the kitchen
A bagel is being toasted
The best financial newspapers are on the table
The news looks good

Computers are booted, my wall of monitors lights up the room, and my Rolex collection begins to shine
My news feeds race across the screen
The tape flashes green and red
The trading day will soon begin

The Nikkei is up 4.5%
The FTSE is up 3.7%
Dow Futures are up 350 points and show no sign of weakness
It should be a good day

I am long
My margin is barely used
I am smiling
There is nothing that I fear

My portfolio is clean
It is time to start trading
It is time to rally
Rally with me