Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets


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Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets was conceived by three separate events that occurred in the trading capital of the world: Chicago. One of the events happened at my home when my Godmother visited me. I told her that I wanted to become a writer. Somehow poetry came up later in the conversation. My mom said that I wrote a nice poem when I was young. My Godmother told me that I should write poetry.

The second event was on the CENX Yahoo! Message Board. In frustration with continual poor performance with CENX, I wrote a lengthy post about why CENX was a buy and should be rallying. It was filled with both fundamental and technical analysis. It was eventually written in poetry form. It is called "Poor Cotton #2" in the book. From that post, the idea of writing a book of poetry on the stock market was conceived.

The third event occurred while driving in Chicago or its suburbs. Alice Deejay's "Better of Alone" was playing. When listening to the lyrics, "Talk to me," a light lit in my head. The idea was the book's title: Rally With Me. As soon as the phrase materialized, the poem began to be written mentally. It was a truly magical event. The music on this page is Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone."

After having read books on the markets, I knew that the authors who wrote them were both very dull and poor writers. Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets is meant to replace all of those weak books with a book that is both fun to read as well as pleasant and educational. This book is filled with many illustrous phrases that will lead you to copy them and use them. It is truly an one of a kind book. There has never been a book of poetry written on the markets in world history until now.