Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

Poor Cotton #2

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Left alone, crying
Buds on branches sprout, her buds are not seen
Birds sing, no one hears her
People pass by her, they ignore her

The path to the garden beckons, no one wants to walk with her
Oil, gold, and other commodities have so many friends, no one likes her
Poor Cotton #2 cries in the garden alone and waits for institutional investors to see how cheap and gorgeous she is
The major institutions say her time is over; she can only think why she was so appealing only months ago

Tears drip and drip
Leaves drop and drop
Analysts release downgrade after downgrade
Poor Cotton #2 bleeds and bleeds

Does it cost too much to buy her a bandaid Mr. Bill Gates?
Is she that ugly?
Cover your shorts and take this beauty out to dance
She has a red dress on, a tiara crowned, and all she wants is someone to take her out

She shattered strong vertical resistance levels
RSI has crossed 50
The Williams %R 7 Days is on a clear uptrend
The 5 Day MA has crossed the 21 MA

How much more technical analysis does she need to show you?
Does it cost too much to even ask her to dance, Mr. Blankfein?
Is she still too expensive for you high-rollers?
Are you looking for a better price?

Are you going to wait for it to get even cheaper?
Anybody home?

Do you know what a buy signal is?
What else do you need to be convinced?

Night brings darkness
Night brings peace
Come out at dark alone to think clearly
Clarity is in solemnity

Cotton #2 is a buy and if barons cannot realize it, they should hit the penny stocks
Cotton #2 is not worthy of you
This dove is in her nest and waits for someone to wipe her tears
She needs someone to hold her

She cries and wishes that someone could take her out again
Poor, poor cotton #2
No one wants to rally with her
She is left alone in virtually nil volume

A tree falls
A rose’s petals whither on the ground
A waterfall dries up
And cotton #2 is sewn into cloth