Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

Pleading to Receive Outsourcing

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A small family in a village in Melo, Uruguay painted a message together on the flat roof of their home
It reads, „Please outsource here“
It was written with the intention that a company would be searching for a site to put their next factory when they would be using Google Earth
They knew it was a long shot but they wanted to try anyway

They knew how much it meant to other towns in Uruguay when a multinational corporation decided to build a new plant in their backyard
They wanted it as well
They knew that it would be too difficult for them to amass the wealth that the competiting towns made without getting work outsourced to them
It seemed impossible to them

Eventually other familes did the same
They wrote similar messages on their roofs
„Please, spread the wealth“

„Bring jobs to us too“

„We want to participate in the global economy as well“
„Help, we are just a job away from prospering“
„If you choose Peru, why not Uruguay?“
„Our country will do your work better than other countries“

It was a sad story
All these poor people wanted were jobs
They wanted money
They wanted to go into town and buy something

Their economy has been more or less the same for thousands of years
Small shops

Their neighboring towns had much more
They had restaurants
They had air conditioned homes
They had a shopping plaza

They wanted them too
They wanted a piece of the action
They knew there was only one way
They had to get a company to outsource to them

They decided to make a contest
Who could come up with the best idea to get a company to build a factory in their town
The winner‘s idea was to show pictures of the painted messages on roofs and pictures of their town and the towns that had companies that had outsourced work to them
They eventually did it

They sent pictures and letters to many Fortune 500 companies
They pleaded in the letters
They wrote of how much good it would do if they could have a job to make some money
They described their living conditions in the letters

They said how hot it gets in the summer
How they do not have paved roads
How there are no jobs in town
How poor their schools are

They waited for years
They did not get a response
Then one day a tech company sent a representative to see the country
The representative came to their town

It was in the news
The company was planning to make a factory in Uruguay
It was huge news that could be found on the front page of all newspapers in Uruguay
One town was to be picked for the new factory - just one

When the representative came to Melo, he was overwhelmed by the people
They treated him like a king
They made a platform just for him with a silk chair and roof
They carried him in it when they would take him to the main parts of town

They feasted him all day and night
Whatever they had, they gave it to him, even if it was the only thing they possessed
He spent three days in Melo
When he left to New York City, it was difficult for him to not propose any other town than Melo for their next factory

His presentation for his company was almost completely centered on Melo
He told them of how much the people of Melo wanted jobs
He told them of how good they treated him
He told them of how much it meant to the people of Melo to get a company to outsource to them

The global market is massively disproportionate
What is in the market in Paris, France is not at all comparble to what is in Kuata Terraganu, Malaysia
When something is outsourced to a developing country it is the equivalent of Christopher Columbus discovering the New World
Outsource to help the world collectively develop and grow

Let all people have the privilege to live in a place honorable of their lives
Do not let nationalistic squabbles or politics interfere
We are talking about human life here
Please outsource - people are pleading you to do it