Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

Party in the USA

Click the play button for music

It is on
Talents are being extracted
Energy is filling up the atmosphere
People are competiting with one another

They all want to be the best
They all give their best effort
Everyone is participating
Everyone is winning

Together everyone is moving forward
Old World philosophies are not present
They have been thrown out into the graveyard with communist statues in Russia
They have no place here

They only harm people
They will only cause confusion and regression
There is no need to keep offensive materials that only cause damage
The party is on

The markets are rocking
There is one open at everytime of the day
It is truly one global market
Your country‘s currency can be monitored at all hours of the day

It does not matter if the domestic market is closed
Other markets are open
All currencies are in circulation
The lights are never out

The music industry is producing music that is heard around the globe
Baseball, basketball, and football are being exported
They are all American sports
Coca-Colas and hot dogs that are sold at their games are also being exported

Freedom is being exported too
Freedom is spreading to everyone
Thomas Jefferson believed that, "this ball of liberty . . . will roll round the world"
It is doing just that

It could be called an American idea
It does not matter much
It is just an idea
The Old World would attribute that value to it and in the process cause discrimination

Discrimination on national grounds just leads to regression
Fighting is not an option
Trading is the option
Moving forward by working within the global market by supporting freedom and free markets is the way to go

Toss aside all tyranny that afflicts the mind
We are moving forward
We are being respectful to all people
What the opposite caused is history we all do not wish to relive

We live in an age of technological revolution
The next generation item in technology is being invented now
Technology‘s limits are being pushed daily
Those limits are being broken occasionally each year

We are moving forward
Freedom allows it
We are doing it and we are doing it by ourselves
We are independent and free

There is a party on in the USA
There is no single song being played
There are many songs being played
There are over three hundred million in fact

All of them are different
They are each person‘s song
Together they would sound terrible in theory
In fact they do not

They fit
The sound is democratic
It is of the people
It is free

Keep the party on in the USA
Global markets will never be the same without it
The energy and talent it produces is unrivaled
Party on and never let the party stop