Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

On Fire

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No sleep
There is no need for it
The thought of sleeping does not even cross a mind
The present is so rich and filling that everything that detracts from it is buried

The news is electrifying
Every single piece of information that comes out must be known
Too much is at stake
Too much time, effort, and calculation went into making past profits

Money is fueling it all
Ambition to make more is compelling
It is taking precedence over everything else in life
Personal life does not matter

Money matters
Getting ahead matters
Profiting and making more each year matters
It is competition with oneself

Make more money than last quarter
Start new ventures
Find new means of income
Never be satisfied with what you have

Surplus makes more surplus
The more you have, the better off you are
For each dollar of surplus that used to beget more surplus, two dollars is made
The ratio is addictive

Attraction to it is more than natural
It is human
It is not supposed to be denied
It is due and just

Man is supposed to create wealth
It is a God-given right
It cannot be denied
Denying it is denying God

Man can reach the highest level with wealth
Arthur Schopenhauer said it
He was right
Some of the greatest men in history had wealth

No poor man ever became known to history for not doing something great
Great things produce wealth
The more great things that are accomplished, the more wealth that is created
It is theory but it is more true than false

The market is on fire
It is producing more wealth than ever before
Markets all over the world are more connected than ever before
Communication across the globe is simple and accessible to everyone with a computer

The possibilities in the market are infinite
Almost anything can be done
The amount of potential money in this market that can be created is tantalizing
The only thing that is stopping it from being realized is inadequate means that some may possess

It is not time to focus on this fact
It is time to make do in the market
„Do what you can, with what you have, where you are“
Thank you Theodore Roosevelt

It is the philosophy we need
Doing the most with whatever we have is what we need
By creating wealth for ourselves, wealth is in effect created for others
It is the trickle down theory

The market is on fire
The ones in it are on fire
They are all consumed and burning for more
They all want wealth and are producing it every second

It all starts with thought
It is the source of all wealth
Thinking correctly will lead to the production of more wealth
Think right

The markets are free for all to participate
The amount of wealth you can produce in them is without bounds
Dream wildly and never allow anything to get in the way of you to fulfill your dreams
The markets are on fire all over the world and wait for you to start to rally in step with them