Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

Fourth of July

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Closed markets
Parades on streets covered with flags
Barbecues grilling hamburgers and hot dogs
People gather, talk, and watch the parade before them

It is in the memory of the foundation of the United States of America
The founders were brave
They risked their lives and property
Some died for what they did

They were revolutionaries
They betrayed the British
They did it for independence
It was a just cause

They did it for freedom
The markets are closed to honor them
Memory is fleeting
We have to remember them

Memory is relived most effectively with ritual
Thinking of history is transient and always leads to forgetting it
Physical action solidifies ideas
Act, think, and plan accordingly to make the most of history

Reenact the founding of the cornerstone of the White House and George Washington‘s first oath to be president
Visit Washington D.C. and think about how it was built upon a swamp
From nothing it became something just like ancient Rome
Just like Rome had an obligation to civilize others, so Washington D.C. has a duty to be the world‘s arsenal for democracy and freedom

Soldiers in parades are celebrated for fighting for us so we can have the privilege of freedom
Do not forget their hardship
We are all Americans with distinct talents and distinct duties
We all form one nation

One nation with many markets and many financial instruments
Bonds, commodities, and stocks are just a few
Enter the markets and learn how many subdivisions there are in them
Your dollars you work for are what make the markets go

Support the markets
Participate in the markets
Support your country
Support freedom

It is the Fourth of July
Fireworks are blossoming in the sky
Look at the sky and tell me what you see
Red, white, and blue light pierces the night sky

It is a symbol of freedom
We light fireworks to commemorate freedom and liberty
Fireworks burst in the sky and form the American flag
We are in the United States of America

Tomorrow buy a stock Let it be one in the Dow Jones Industrial Average The companies in it are considered some of the most successsful Hold the stock and observe it It will go up and down
Its price will depend on what the market is doing
Its future can be seen in American history in all of its beauty and hardship
From nonexistence to becoming the most influential country in the world

From 1607 to 2013
From a ship with a diverse group of people to a nation that did not exist when the ship arrived
From the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution
From IPO to inclusion in the Dow Industrial Averages

The share of stock you own can be completely decimated and become a fraction of its value
It can be saved just like Abraham Lincoln saved the United States of America when he invaded the South after it seceded
It can rally just like the United States of America did after it won World War II and then rocket into a golden age in the 1950s
These stories are real and find parallels in history

In history one can find the future
What happened before keeps reoccurring
The courses of history are real and not myths
Myths are created for the common man to live in ignorance and be manipulated by the strong
Hold your stock and your American flag
Think back of the Founding Fathers and what they did for freedom and you
Do not forget them and their ideals
Hold your stock and your flag forever

You are not allowed to sell
It would be like selling your citizenship
Let your stock signify your citizenship so you can have your life symbolized in something external
Believe it

Fireworks explode
Markets rally
The economy barrels foward
The American flag waves in Washington D.C. for the world to see and think of the American dream