Rally With Me: Poetry of the Markets

Crash With Me

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Revolting news
Riots all over the country
Members of parliament are defending their policies on television
Domestic terrorism is happening daily

Bloody Futures
Everyone who is reading financial news is making disgusting grunts and repulsive mouth gestures
Hysteria is in traders’ voices
Panic is in everyone’s mind who has a portfolio

Screaming on the trade floor
Hearts are attacking
Breaths are vanishing
Minds are racing

Veins are bursting
Eyes are reddening
Screens are flashing
There are no bids

Billions are at risk
Millions are vanishing within milliseconds
Managers are screaming at their traders to get something done
Computers die and it all goes to hell


Sometimes there are occasions in the markets when people get things completely wrong
When they realize it, they begin to act frantically
Selling pressure is multiple times greater than buying pressure
No one wants to be in the market when it is dropping

Everyone stays in the markets since they love to play the game
They hate themselves for getting crushed repeatedly but they forget about it as soon as they make some profits
When major indexes begin to drop over three percent, there is only one thing to do
Crash with me